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Building a network of the
world’s best performance marketing companies

Join and amplify

We are supergroup, a new kind of M&A network, bringing together brilliant and ambitious founders to amplify the outcomes.

3 market leading performance companies with 200+ people superpowering 180+ clients globally. And we’re growing daily.

Explore being super with us.


Cash and share mergers allow founders to realise their company’s potential and gain significant upside on group growth.


Joining supergroup gives the opportunity to accelerate careers within our growing network.


We believe a company’s unique culture is key to its success and our collaborative (not integrated) model is created to allow that unique culture to thrive.


We are committed to aligning our growth with fresh purpose and will be unveiling new projects in 2024.

Reinvest in the future
of supergroup

Company founders who join supergroup have an exclusive opportunity to invest in the BLUE14 Angel Investment Syndicate (AIS) and mentor fresh start-ups on their growth journeys.

BLUE14: Putting ‘super’ in the group

Our hyper-focused Investment partner (BLUE14) identifies fast-growth performance marketing companies from start-up to ‘event-ready’ stage, and helps to prepare and culturally align founders for a successful M&A journey.

What do supergroup
companies look like?

  • Ambitious & organised leadership
  • Company age < 7 years 
  • Superfast Growth EBITDA 
  • Market innovator in performance marketing 
  • DTC / eCom / FMCG client base 
  • UK HQ, multinational capability
  • Remote & hub staffing

Explore your M&A

Explore your M&A